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How to care for your fur

Every item is hand crafted by our very special talented team of knitters making your Le  N U A G E  Luxe unique to you. Please take care of this precious timeless piece so that it can be passed down from generation to generation. Please follow our recommendations to care for your fur.

Professional dry clean only - please consult your dry cleaner first to make sure they can confidently clean fur garments 

Store your garment  in a dark, cool place away from natural light as this may cause discoloration. Store it in a breathable suit bag.

Avoid hanging next to any dark colored clothing that may bleed color into your fur./feathers

Please note: your Le  N U A G E is a natural product so you may find your garment loses some fur/feathers. After a few wears and following our steps, this will eventually stop.

Our recommendations; initially shaking your jacket outside a few times to rid the loose fibres, place your fur/feather garment into the freezer for a period of time which reduces the initial shedding. On your first few wears, when shedding can be more noticeable, we recommend wearing pieces that the fur is less likely to stick to such as silks and satins. The shedding of loose fibres happens during those first few wears so even wearing the garment around the house prior to wearing it out can help fasten the process. Regardless, after those first few wears the fur settles down and eventually stops.


Size Guide

General Sizing:


Marabou Feather Jacket Size Chart:

  Marabou Feather Jacket Size Chart


Ostrich Feather Jacket Size Chart: 

Ostrich Feather Jacket Size Guide